Possible posts to possible concepts, possible books from already content, it’s all in the transition.

More than ever before, publishers are offering blog‐to‐book contracts. To talk real, even snippets-to-podcasts! There’s a whole group of burgeoning communicators who aspire not necessarily to blog or tweet the point straight, but to write a whole book or to speak for hours and hours going circles. After all, if Justin Bieber can get a recording contract from the number of hits for his YouTube video and partially because he was really, really pretty (2009 crush alert), why can’t one get a book deal out of a blog?

Well yes, but here’s a deal; if you don’t provide immediate value…

To date, Flutter has been able to gain all the attention of the developers’ community and you must have seen the framework popping at almost everywhere and felt like exploring more about it because you are a developer and that is what developers do, try out new stuff right?!

Well, the joy of building amazing User Interfaces for mobile apps is quite evident by the report which details that the fastest-growing open-source projects on GitHub are built on Flutter and Dart. With Flutter on-trend, it is not surprising for Dart to dominate in the world of programming languages too. …

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes — then learn how to do it later!” — Richard Branson.

Let me start this blog from a very unlikely space of my mind — where all my thoughts and discussion arise. “What is this pressure all of a sudden I feel to join the narrative to write and talk about how incredible technology is for the students in building the work of the future.” …

Listen to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as she claims that algorithms are racist, she says: “ .. these racial inequities that get translated, because algorithms are still made of human beings, and those algorithms are still pegged to basic human assumptions. They’re just automated. And automated assumptions — if you don’t fix the bias, then you’re just automating the bias.”

Now, as a matter of fact, that AI trains itself and draw conclusions based on the data set. And it’s increasingly clear that these algorithms will surely become racist and develop biases and stereotypes until not provided with biased data.

As said…

Krinza Momin

Left and right brain thinker.

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